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Do you have a dream to visit Sri Lanka? Here we are to make your dream vacation come true. If you are looking for an unforgettable travelling experience, Sri Lanka wonderland is the best match for you.  Here we assure you to provide the best traveling experience with everything you need throughout your stay in Sri Lanka. We help you to make your vacation more comfortable and fun.

Enjoy a relaxed vacation full of amazing insights with Beautiful nature, wildlife, beaches, culture and traditions Of Sri Lanka with the hospitality of Sri Lankans.  We specially care of everything according to your wishes. The only thing you have to do is just a click and we are here to provide any mean of services according to your need and aspirations.

Sri Lanka Wonderland is with you in everything you need to do here in Sri Lanka. Just join with us and enjoy a completely different and a fresh experience of traveling.


An individual vacation in Sri Lanka in January 2020… Organized in a great manner by Sampath Chandana. We saw and experienced everything we wanted and much, much more. We came to the places where only a few tourists are abled to see and we had wonderful encounters with the people who live there. Among other things, we got a series of small cooking courses - all by ourselves and completely spontaneously. We met wild life outside the national parks, saw distant temples and interacted with the people who are living there. And we always had the protection of a wonderful organizer in the background. Sampath knows his island and its beauties very well. And he shared them with us as much as possible by himself in three weeks. Thank you very much for that. Sampath Chandana is an absolute recommendation. A real internal hint
Sabine H. aus Erlangen
Sampath organized an unforgettable vacation. Through him we had contacts with the local people, many opportunities for extraordinary experiences and an incredibly exciting and instructive time. The organization was just great from start to the end. I have never seen such a dedicated guide who is so responsive to individual preferences and expectations. I can really recommend him from the bottom of my heart and would soon be making further trips to Sri Lanka which are organized by him. A great person you should love! If you would like something longer or anything else, let me know. best regards
Liebe Grüße
Sri Lanka Wonderland makes their name all the glory! That was a vacation like in a Wonderland! Thanks to the extensive planning and discussion. In advance, my vacation was a real pleasure! I only had to search through the web site and no longer had to worry about that since my tour with my driver organized through Sampath was well planned. All my preferences, my driver knew. So, he of course reminded me of the famous sights that every tourist should see, on my way there I got to know the country and its people. And also, I was able to have so many wonderful experiences and encounters through this journey Experienced. It felt like vacationing with friends! thank you very much for this unforgettable vacation!

About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean which has a rich history running to a thousands of years back. It has a 65,610 km² land area and also some major natural harbours. According to Sri Lanka’s location it’s situated very close to the modern maritime silk road. It’s a major trading hub known all around the world. There are many rivers flowing through the country and waterfalls make beautiful sceneries. Amazing wild life and forest reserves attract anyone without at least a little effort. Everything on this land together make this island a heavenly place.

Sri Lanka has a lot of ruins of the ancient kings’ era which was more powerful with technologies that can never be found from any other place. Sigiriya, Ruwanweliseya, Samadhi and Awkana budhdha statues are some such amazing creations which were done by ancient people.
After the kings’ era, Portuguese, Dutch and British people ruled this country. They named this country in many ways. Ceylon and Taprobane are some such names. Still Sri Lanka is called as the pearl of the Indian ocean on behalf of it’s shape and geographical location.
Forest reserves such as Sinharaja, Yala, Wilpattu, Kumana, Bundala… etc pocess a huge variety of flora and fauna. There are many animal, plant and bird species which are endemic to Sri Lanka. Luckily, country has various climatic conditions in different areas. So that, people can experience those differences as they wish.

There are various traditions and cultural activities which are developed with the religions. Mainly Sri Lankan people observe Buddhism as well as there are people of other religions too. All of them are living together with a proper understanding.