I am Sampath Chandana Appuwa Waduge. A Sri Lankan who grew up in the southern province of the country. In 2005, I emigrated to Europe. In Europe, I initially forgot what defines me and my roots. I trained to be a swimming instructor whom I really loved to be and still practicing that skill to this day.

I received the call in bringing my traditions and my country closer to the Europeans in 2018. That is how “Sri Lanka Wonderland” was born.

Now I support those people in planning and implementing their dream vacation in Sri Lanka. I am very proud to incorporate my life experiences into my company, Sri Lanka Wonderland as well as to bring the Sri Lankan and European mentalities together. I have supported as well as looked after people all my life, which is also noticeable in my travel planning and your stay in Sri Lanka.

If you would like to enjoy an Ayurvedic healing massage according to my family traditions outside of Sri Lanka, then you are warmly welcome in Austria / Vienna or Germany / near Rosenheim.